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Presto Pizza

  • Currently 1.0/5 Stars.

110 East 9th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90079
(213) 623-1593
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1 review for Presto Pizza
  • Currently 1.0/5 Stars.
This is where it all began - my journey to find the worst slice of pizza in all of California. Seemingly innocent enough, Presto Pizza is a nice looking joint in the drug buying district of downtown LA. For about $7.50 you get two slices, a salad (technically), and a soda of your choice. Sadly enough, giving them money is actually the BEST thing that will happen to you at Presto - it's all downhill from there. The slice itself was an abomination - let's start with the sauce. Pizza sauce is pretty simple, correct? Throw in some tomato paste, some magic shit, and boom - it's universally good. My homeboys at Presto seem to disagree with convention, and put as much oregano in the sauce as sauce itself. I'm trying to be clever here, but fuck it - the sauce tastes like shit. Shit with oregano stirred in for good measure. The pepperonis tasted like I'd sliced a thin layer of skin from the underside of my nutsack off and sprinkled pubic dandruff liberally. You don't have pubic dandruff? The dough wasn't even bread - in fact, I'm not even sure what I ate was pizza. I'm not even sure this place exists, and honestly, I hope it doesn't. Check back to get EXCLUSIVE reviews from yours truly, only on SLICEFINDER.COM!