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Sucks (12 Sep)


Ever want a pizza, but to fat and lazy to do anything about it? Well you lazy bastards, there is help...a New APP called "Push for Pizza" is out. It's as easy as pushing 1 button and your fat ass gets a pizza delivered.
Read all about it right if, if you aren't to lazy... And here is a video to show you just how fat and lazy you are:


Quick results:

Best Wood-Fired Neapolitan Pizza: Una Pizza Napoletana
Best Wood-Fired Neapolitan Pizza From a Truck: Del Popolo
Best Coal-Fired New York-Style: Tony's (and its adjacent Slice House)
Best Basic New York-Style Slice: Arinell
Best Sit-Down Pizza Meal (With Cocktails) For a Group: Zero Zero
Best California-Style Pizza: Tie: Pauline's (which is arguably SF-style) and Tony's
Best Chicago-Style Deep-Dish: Little Star
Best Pizzeria Still Open After Last Call: Marcello's
Best Pizza in the Avenues: Pizzetta 211
Best Pizza in Oakland: The Forge
Best Pizza in Berkeley: Emilia's (be sure to note their erratic hours)
Best Pizza in Marin: Pizzeria Picco
Best Pizza in Napa: Oenotri
Best Pizza in Sonoma: Pizzando (Healdsburg)

Check out the article here.


Who said the airline industry is old, cheap and heartless? Well, that may be true for a lot of the airlines and personnel, but not for the pilot of Frontier Airlines. This generous pilot bought 35 pizza's from Domino's for the grounded passengers in Cheyenee! Out of his own pocket mind you. There is still human kindness...even in the airline industry.
Read all about his heroic and generous acts a video is accompanied in this you can see the joy that pizza brings to all walks of life


In San Francisco's Telegraph Hill area a scissor wielding suspect attacks another man and robs him for a slice of pizza...that was one hungry robber!
Read all about it here