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Food Pyramid ( 7 Oct)

The pizza Food Pyramid - photo by good friend and fellow pizza lover Shane Geunes.


Here is the answer to any issues you've had with getting a lover into bed...get a pizza comforter...50% of the time, it works every-time
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Sucks (12 Sep)


Ever want a pizza, but to fat and lazy to do anything about it? Well you lazy bastards, there is help...a New APP called "Push for Pizza" is out. It's as easy as pushing 1 button and your fat ass gets a pizza delivered.
Read all about it right if, if you aren't to lazy... And here is a video to show you just how fat and lazy you are:


Quick results:

Best Wood-Fired Neapolitan Pizza: Una Pizza Napoletana
Best Wood-Fired Neapolitan Pizza From a Truck: Del Popolo
Best Coal-Fired New York-Style: Tony's (and its adjacent Slice House)
Best Basic New York-Style Slice: Arinell
Best Sit-Down Pizza Meal (With Cocktails) For a Group: Zero Zero
Best California-Style Pizza: Tie: Pauline's (which is arguably SF-style) and Tony's
Best Chicago-Style Deep-Dish: Little Star
Best Pizzeria Still Open After Last Call: Marcello's
Best Pizza in the Avenues: Pizzetta 211
Best Pizza in Oakland: The Forge
Best Pizza in Berkeley: Emilia's (be sure to note their erratic hours)
Best Pizza in Marin: Pizzeria Picco
Best Pizza in Napa: Oenotri
Best Pizza in Sonoma: Pizzando (Healdsburg)

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