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Pizza in the news

Long time North Beach resident (28 years) Viva Pizza is closing down. The pizza was never the best, but was a staple and long time standing restaurant in the touristy part of North Beach.
You can read all about it here


In a first move eve by a major pizza chain, Papa John's has stepped up to the plate and changed their ingredients to exclude any antibiotics as well as feed their poultry with a vegetarian diet! Good for you Papa!
You can read about it here


London may be the first to start having robots deliver pizza's. Read all about it here


We broke the news a couple weeks ago about the cockroaches in Blondie's Pizza (famous in SF as in Union Sq, cheap and right off cable car turn-around) who has been in the city forever...well, the troubles didn't stop there...more cockroaches and other health violations.
You can read more about it here
RIP Blondie' was fun while you were here


The pie is about 1.15 miles long and took 100 chefs about 11 hours to make. One for the record books. Check it out here.